Always wanted to try a glam make-up look but struggling to find the time or just finding it too complicated?

Well our amazing therapist Gemma is an expert when it comes to Make-Up and has put together a step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect glam BUT SIMPLE look using Mii Cosmetics.

“The sparkly eye is one of my absolute favourite looks; the one we are creating today is wearable both during the day as well as in the evening!

In an ideal scenario  would have all the time in the world to change our make-up from day to night – or from work to drinks with the girls but in reality we all know this is rarely achievable. So this look is perfect because you can either start it fresh (as we are doing today) or just top up your day make-up.

Before we do anything we are going to cleanse, tone and moisturise to really build up a good base to apply our make-up too. Today for Farrah we are using the Spa Find Renewed Radiance range as she finds her skin is often very dry, dull and can be a little sensitive.

Below is a time-lapse video of the majority of the Makeover I carried out on Farrah – hope you enjoy 🙂

  1. Step one – PRIMER – We are using Smoothing Face Prep today, it’s such an easy product, a lot of people do not use a primer but with this one it’s quick and simple and just glides over the skin, smoothing out an pores and fine lines. Working the product in using your fingers and massaging all over the face.
  1. Next we are going to apply the foundation; we are using the mineral foundation (Irresistible Face Base) on Farrah today shade 4 and using the Kabuki brush to apply. Applying in a circular motion to ensure all areas are covered, the product gives a nice light coverage whilst warming the skin and leaving a lovely glow. I am also using a small eyeshadow brush to really work the product in around the eye, nose and lips covering any dark shadows or blemishes.
  1. Next we are going to sculpt the eyebrows, to create a fuller look that is really in at the moment start by combing the eyebrows hair to ensure it is all lying flat and then brush the hair up slightly. The Perfect Brow Pencil – Focus 02 has a handy little brush on the end to do this. TIP – make sure your pencil is always sharpened otherwise you won’t achieve the sharp thin pencil strokes needed to create a natural looking brow. I then use my thumb to lift the brow slightly, stretching the skin, using short strokes of the pencil to fill in the sparse areas, creating a nice clean arch. Finish with a quick stroke of the brow brush to tame any fly-away hairs.
  1. I am then applying a small amount of highlighter along the brow bone under the eyebrow to define the brow itself. The product I have used is Forever Eye Colour Crayon in Sorbet.
  1. Now onto the eyes themselves the first product I have used is Forever Eye Colour Crayon in Sorbet. These are amazing they are so creamy and just glide straight onto the eye, you want to cover the lid first taking it up to the socket and then blend using an eye shadow brush. You’ll need to do one eye at a time as the product will dry. To create depth to the eyes I have used a slightly dark shade “Rose Gold” to draw a line along the top of the lid and again with your brush taking it down to the corner and outwards slightly to soften the edge. Along the bottom lash line I have applied the Rose Gold again blending again softly with the brush.
  1. We have used Intensifying Lash Lover in Black on Farrah’s lashes. TIP – Place the wand at the base of your lashes and just make short vibrating motions to separate the lashes before coating the lengths a couple of times. This will stop the lashes clumping together.
  1. Contouring and highlighting is the “In Thing” at the moment and it can be a super simple technique you can use at home. To contour your cheekbones, use your fingers on the sides of your face under your cheekbones and where you feel it dip under the bone, just above this is where you place your pigment. With your nose you can contour down either side to create the illusion of a narrower nose and even bring the pigment up to the brow bone to add length. Pigment can also be applied along the hair line to crate the illusion of a smaller forehead and across the jaw lane to make it more prominent. The product I have used today to contour is in the Double Delight Blush and Bronzer Kit.
  1. To highlight I have used light Loving Illuminator Leading Lady down the side of the face/temples and across the top of your cheek bone. Down the bridge of the nose and across the bow of the lip. I have then finished with a dusting of shimmer and sparkle mineral mist to add some glitter.
  1. Finally we are going to create a nude lip using alluring lip liner to outline the lips to create a fuller lip you can go slightly over the lip. TIP – to stop an obvious lip liner fill the lip in using the pencil about 2/3 of the way. Then I have used Moisturising Lip Lover lipstick in Hush over the entire lip.