What’s the one thing we hear from almost every client that we never want to hear again?

During my 13 years in the industry I have heard these words far more times that I would ever of imagined. 

Unfortunately I would go as far to say it is almost a daily occurrence now.. that before I leave the room to allow a client to change for their massage they say the words that make my heart sink…

I’m sorry that…

  • I have a horrible scar so I don’t understand if you don’t want to touch it
  • My stomach isn’t very nice so I don’t know if you prefer to miss that out
  • I haven’t shaved my legs
  • I have stretch marks I thought I should let you know so your not shocked when you see them 

The list could go on, but my point is why and when did we start to feel the need to apologise for our bodies?!

Your body tells your story and you should be proud of it! If you have scars it shows you have survived something, stretch marks from creating life, your body is who you are and we never want you to feel you need to apologise for that!

When you come to us for your treatments we want you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable, your therapist is not comparing or judging you we are trained to help you feel better! Both physically and mentally, we are too busy focusing on finding any tight muscles to work on to notice if you haven’t shaved your legs before visiting, so just relax, learn to love your self and your body.

Start by making yourself a promise today that you are NEVER ever going to apologise for your body again.

Ruth x