About Us

Hi I’m Ruth, owner of Elements Day Spa, for those of you who haven’t met me yet I am passionate about all things spa, beauty and health orientated! I grew up here in Penwortham, studied beauty therapy at Runshaw College, then became obsessed with the world of health spas whilst working at Brooklands Health Spa formally in Garstang. Once I had learnt all I could from Brooklands I moved on to a spa situated inside a local health club, which fuelled my passion for excellent customer service and spas even further as I completed 5* training courses by leading product brands.

From working in these spas I have witnessed how important it is for your health to have regular visits to escape from the chaos of life and rediscover you. Many studies have proven how a 1 hour treatment every 4 – 6 weeks to escape, relax and unwind drastically lowers stress levels, can boost the immune system and improve your general wellbeing. (If you haven’t yet enjoyed the pure bliss of a spa treatment then trust me there are far worse things you could do to improve your health!)

This is why I started Elements Day Spa. To offer you a little escape right here in Preston. I believe everyone should benefit from what is known as luxury. “Providing you the ultimate spa experience with every visit”.
Ruth x